Arizona Cardinals a different team with Carson Palmer


The Arizona Cardinals struggled down the stretch without quarterback Carson Palmer in 2014

Right before the season began I did a piece on Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer and why he would win the MVP award in 2015.  So far, he is looking like a top three vote in that category.  People thought I was crazy but look at what he has done so far in 2015 with still three games to go.

He has thrown for 4,003 yards with 31 touchdowns and just nine interceptions so far in 2015.  He has lead the Cardinals to a 11-2 record in the Cardinals first 13 games.  He has started every single one of them meanwhile avoiding any injury so far.

Look at last season in comparison.  The Cardinals were 9-1 and the schedule looked better down the stretch last season than it does this season.  However in November Palmer was lost for the season with a torn ACL and struggled to win just two more games and went limping with Ryan Lindley into their playoff debacle.

Clearly as Palmer goes, the Arizona Cardinals go.  Now, with Drew Stanton, they did go 5-3 last season.  However he had his own injury issues and the Cardinals were down to their third-string.  One could say Palmer is the most valuable player to his team.

Now the Cardinals are one victory or one Seattle Seahawks loss (or some other crazy scenario with a bunch of other outcomes this weekend) from clinching the NFC West and securing at least a second seed in the NFC Playoffs.  What a difference a year makes when you have your starting quarterback at your disposal.

Now, I do have top back off a bit and say Palmer likely will not win the MVP given what Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is doing this season but you have to admit Palmer has come in and been better than ever.  I and some others always knew he had it in him but many others did not.  What matters now is staying healthy and giving the Cardinals a different story ending in 2015.