Arizona Cardinals see to invasion of Packers fans


The Green Bay Packers face the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday at University of Phoenix Stadium

We know Phoenix and the Valley of the Sun is a transient city.  It has always been that way.  It is not likely to change much given the continuation of the expansion of the local metro area.  This rubs some Arizona Cardinals officials and fans the wrong way.  I get it.

Unfortunately there isn’t much you can do about it either.  The next wave of obnoxious fans to roll into town are the Cheeseheads from Green Bay.  The Packers play in the Valley for the first time since the very wild Wild Card Playoff game in January 2010.  The Cardinals won that one 52-45 in overtime.

Tomorrow’s game is likely to have the same intensity.  Both the Cardinals and the Packers have something to still play for in the final two weeks of the season.  The Cardinals are still shooting for the second-seed and first-round bye in the playoffs.  Green Bay is trying to do the same.  A win by the Cardinals on Sunday ends that discussion.

However the stadium it has been said will be full of Packers fans on Sunday.  Well, not much new.  now, unlike 10-20 years ago, there will be a lot more Cardinals fans but you will still hear and feel the presence of the Packers nation.

I’m not a fan of it.  Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians and receiver Larry Fitzgerald have both voiced their displeasure over it.  What can you do though?  I see people saying don’t re-sell to anyone but Cardinals fans.  Ok, easier said than done.

When you re-sell a ticket online, you have no idea who you are selling to.  If you re-sell on Craigslist or in person you can control that to some degree but how do you know they didn’t just show up to purchase in a Cardinals hat or jersey to appease you?  You likely won’t know your buyer personally.

I get it though like I said.  You want the place to be loud for the Cardinals side.  It certainly has become a home-field advantage.  There are a lot of teams fans that are now drowned out here for home games.  The Packers won’t be one of them I fear.

Hey, I’m a native.  The Green Bay Packers bar in Phoenix, Casey Jones, is holding a Pep Rally from 4-6 today for Packers fans.  I don’t live far away.  I hate seeing opposing fans come into my town, into my neighborhood and whoop it up.  I have no control.  Best advice I can tell you is buy the tickets and show up.  Not even I can say I was able to do that.  Ticket prices on the secondary markets are outrageous.  I just spent a ton on Fiesta Bowl tickets.  You have to pick and choose.

Either way, it will be a fun one Sunday afternoon.  Whether you are at the game or in a bar or at home the Cardinals support has grown tremendously.  Baby steps.