Arizona Cardinals impressive but work still to do


The Arizona Cardinals found themselves at the top of some power rankings on Tuesday

Power rankings are for fans.  I admit, I like them.  However when it comes to the Arizona Cardinals, as impressive as it is to see them at or near the top of many power rankings out there this week, I would just assume not be.

It isn’t that I don’t want the Cardinals there at the too, oh no.  It’s that this shouldn’t be viewed as the pinnacle for the team.  Unfortunately for some based on their comments, it would seem the Cardinals have done their job for the season.

Some live and breathe power rankings.  I try not to over analyze them.  I never have.  Sure, I’ve written pieces and made comments in the past about the disrespect some have given the Cardinals.  Much of it was warranted.  However this year most people have give the Cardinals their due.

The goal is real.  A Super Bowl Championship.  Many Las Vegas oddsmakers now have the Cardinals as the favorites to win it all.  I would just rather not put money on them yet.  There will be a lot of tough competition in January.  Nothing that will happen will be a cake walk for the Cardinals.

Just look the field in the NFC.  Everyone in the dance has been impressive at some point.  You can’t even argue against the Washington Redskins being there right now.  Quarterback Kirk Cousins has the Redskins in place to host a playoff game and they look just as good as any other playoff team right now. Never say never.  All you have to do is look at the 9-7 Cardinals from 2008 when they went to the Super Bowl.  Enough said.

So, as impressive as the Cardinals have been on both offense and defense, there is a lot of work still left to be done.  Power rankings are nice but a Super Bowl Championship is the sweetest reward.