Arizona Cardinals: An NFC Championship to Remember


This NFC Championship will demonstrate the power of the NFC this year, and to much prevail, it features the feisty Arizona Cardinals and the Carolina Panthers. The Cardinals and Panthers have many similarities to make this an inviting match-up, and everyone that considers themselves a sports fan needs to be watching. This will legitimately be an NFC Championship to remember, and trust me, we will all be in the presence of greatness.

In 2008, the Cardinals played the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship. At the time of the playoffs, the Eagles and Cardinals were both considered at the time the weakest teams in the playoffs. Both teams were the 5th seed and the 6th seed (Arizona was the 5th seed, Philadelphia being the 6th seed), and it seemed at the time that neither team would have the ability to advance to the stage they got to. Yet a miraculous revitalization of Kurt Warner had fans oogling at the fact that it was real.

Impressive feats, such as Larry Fitzgerald going for 9 receptions, 152 yards, and 3 touchdowns during the NFC Championship back in 2008, had fans jumping for joy. Even the slumping Edgerrin James, who had a terrible season rushing for a horrendous 3 touchdowns, showed grit during the NFC Championship by rushing for 73 yards. When looking back, it came down to a defensive pass interference call that never happened against the Cardinals.

This time around, the Cardinals with the 2nd seed and the Panthers with the 1st seed, were true gladiators during the season. Everyone coming into the playoffs (excluding the fans, players, and coaches of other playoff teams) wanted to see this match-up. Carolina and Arizona really are premier teams with great offenses and great defenses. Highlighted by the MVP Candidates Carson Palmer and Cam Newton, it seems as if this is going to be a hard fought game until the very bitter end. A game in which one teams hopes will squander into the abyss.

Watch for a tremendous finish, watch for the amazing acrobatic catches, and watch for the battle of the ages. This will probably be the match-up of the future for the NFC, and we are all in for the ride. Buckle up, it’s going to be a Bumpy Ride.