Arizona Cardinals: Let the doubters doubt


The Arizona Cardinals go to Charlotte to face the Carolina Panthers on Sunday in the NFC Championship game

The Arizona Cardinals are underdogs on Sunday against the Carolina Panthers.  We know that.  The Panthers finished with a 15-1 record.  They beat Arizona in the wild-card game last January.  We know that too.  Despite a 13-3 record and NFC Divisional Playoff victory against the Green Bay Packers, there are still many who doubt the Cardinals.

I say, let them all doubt the Cardinals.  It will make it that much sweeter if/when the Cardinals win on Sunday.  The game will be a very tough one no doubt.

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is the best in the NFL against the blitz.  Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer happens to be second though.  The real test will be the defenses though.  Carolina has a good one but so does Arizona, although you would think they wouldn’t based on some comments made.

Cardinals not capable of holding the opponent to under 20?  Well let’s see.  They held eight of their 16 opponents under 20 and two others right at 20 this season.  That’s 10/16.  Interesting.

Granted they have not seen the Panthers this year and Newton and his offense has looked potent for much of the season.  However they do have the ability to keep their opponent under 20.  As for pass interference.  Officials miss calls on both sides of the field, so that statement is inaccurate.

That’s quite a prediction.  It’s almost as if this guy didn’t watch a second of the Cardinals this season.  I can see Palmer getting sacked five times, maybe even more.  However I believe the offensive line will be up to the task and Palmer won’t hold the ball as long as he did against the Packers.

Panthers receiver Devin Funchess will not get two touchdown catches.  Ted Ginn Jr. will not be returning a punt for touchdown and the Cardinals if they lose, will not be losing by 20.

I will say there is also a good amount of love for the Cardinals as well out there on social media.  Many are praising Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald and would like to see him wear a ring.  Others just can’t see the Cardinals even keeping it close.  It’ll be close.