Arizona Cardinals and fans take flight to Charlotte


The Arizona Cardinals head east to Charlotte, North Carolina Saturday morning as do a number of fans

The Arizona Cardinals big send-off to North Carolina is Saturday morning as they embark on their trip to face the Carolina Panthers Sunday evening.  There are a number of Cardinals fans who are making the trip as well.

Arizona Cardinals mania has taken over the Phoenix metro area. Many are cheering on from home but seeing pictures on social media this morning shows full flights of Cardinals fans heading to Charlotte.  It’s an exciting time to be an Arizona Cardinals fan.

Even Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix got in on the Cardinals action. This whole city has converted to Cardinals for sure.

Sadly, not everyone got a flight out to Charlotte as planned. In a small poll I took Thursday night, 25 percent of the respondents indicated their flight to Charlotte had been cancelled.

However the local media is sure eating this up. Seems like most news outlets in the Phoenix area will have this game covered in and out.

I’ll be scouring for more reaction to the big send-off later on.  If you aren’t already at the rally you may want to skip it as it appears there are thousands of people already lined up at the airport to see the Cardinals off to North Carolina.