Arizona Cardinals fans representing Birdgang in Charlotte


Arizona Cardinals fans, media have taken to the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina Saturday evening

You’d think it was downtown Phoenix and not downtown Charlotte, North Carolina on a Saturday evening with the way social media has documented Arizona Cardinals fans out and about.  The pregame party has started in Charlotte.  Let’s hope Birdgang can get some sleep too.  We need them on Sunday evening.

Many Cardinals fans took over a restaurant in Charlotte called Fitzgerald’s.  Where else would expect them to go?

I couldn’t be prouder to be an Arizona Cardinals fan than I am this evening. Birdgang did not disappoint in Charlotte tonight. I want to see this same enthusiasm in the stands on Sunday evening though. We are going to need it throughout.

So the story goes, according to Fox 10’s John Hook, that Cardinals fans couldn’t find a place to host them this evening until they came upon Fitzgeralds.

Win or lose on Sunday evening, as far as I’m concerned Cardinals fans have already won. They were represented well in Charlotte this weekend. What a great time to be a Cardinals fan. Congratulations Birdgang!