Arizona Cardinals: 3 important contracts


These three important Arizona Cardinals are up for contract talks 

A couple of these guys have contracts that do not expire this year but another has to make a decision to return or not, for the right price. Arizona Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu, receiver Michael Floyd, and running back Chris Johnson might be the three most important people to talk to before any other free agent starts coming through the door in March.

Tyrann Mathieu

Mathieu was having a comeback season of sorts.  Sure, he played in 2014 but really after tearing his first ACL in December 2013, he took most of the 2014 season to come all the way back.  He was healthy for all of 2015…up until December 20th.

Mathieu had 89 tackles, 17 passes defensed, and five interceptions up until he tore his other ACL in a Sunday Night Football game against the Philadelphia Eagles.  Yet despite that setback, the Cardinals are looking to extend his contract and rightfully so.

He may be the most important guy to talk to.  The Cardinals must wrap him up for years to come.  There is no fear of Mathieu not coming back 100 percent once again.  There is absolutely no reason to wait until his contract is up to start doing what is right by him.  Mathieu has kept to the straight and narrow and been a pillar of the community and a fantastic team player.

Michael Floyd

Floyd’s contract comes up in 2017.  That doesn’t mean the Cardinals need to wait on him either.  They could wait the entire 2016 season to do something, see how he performs.  His 2014 wasn’t that great.  His 2015 was slightly better.  The question is now though, do the Cardinals wrap up Floyd knowing Larry Fitzgerald’s days are almost over?

They can probably wait until next season is over but doing nothing until then certainly leaves the risk he walks onto the free agent market.  The Cardinals might be alright with that but if you are looking for any kind of continuity on the offense once Fitz and quarterback Carson Palmer retire, look no further than Floyd.

Chris Johnson

Johnson has said all the right things.  He wants to come back to the Cardinals.  The Cardinals have said they’d like to have him.  If you read between the lines of what has been said though, the Cardinals certainly will not overpay for Johnson or anyone for that matter.

If Johnson returns to the Cardinals in 2016, he is likely the backup to David Johnson, who emerged as the number one guy when Chris Johnson was lost for the season to injury back in November.  With his 814 yards rushing in 2015, clearly Johnson still has gas left in the tank.