Arizona Cardinals: Revisiting the 2015 draft class

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Let’s take a look as to how the 2015 Arizona Cardinals draft class performed this past season.

It’s been almost a year since the 2015 NFL draft, and the jury may already be out on a lot of these now 2nd year players, including the Cardinals’ very own. With a whole new rookie class joining the team in the coming months, now would be a good time to grade how 2015’s rookies performed.

The Arizona Cardinals had 7 picks in last year’s draft. With those the team made picks for both the offense and defense. A handful of players drafted this past year did not take the field. Among those players were first round pick D.J. Humphries, fifth round pick Shaquille Riddick and seventh round pick Gerald Christian. These players will not be featured on this list as it is a bit premature to evaluate their value after not even playing a single down.

Now lets get to the list!