Arizona Cardinals scout shoved at Scouting Combine


The Arizona Cardinals haven’t responded to the the altercation that took place on Friday

An Arizona Cardinals scout was shoved at the NFL Scouting Combine on Friday evening while waiting to take a player to an interview with the team.  The culprit?  Atlanta Falcons defensive coordinator Bryan Cox.

Cox, also known as fiery during his playing days in the NFL said for his part that he intends to apologize.  This according to a report filed by

Cox was fined back in 1994 for giving the middle finger to Buffalo Bills fans and also sued the NFL and then Commissioner Paul Tagliabue.  Now he’s an assistant with the Falcons.  I imagine the Falcons can’t be too happy about the situation.

The only statement on the matter, which did not escalate past the shove, came from Cox with his intention to apologize.  The scout has not been identified. Either way, it sounds like Cox was at fault here and hopefully the apology comes soon.

It is interesting that knowing Cox was such a fiery player that he is put in a position of authority.  Clearly he hasn’t learned much in the last 20 years.   Now we weren’t there so not every detail I’m sure is being let known but the fact that we are even talking about it is a big deal.

The NFL is allowed to punish Cox under their Personal Conduct Policy.  I think it should be something they think long and hard about doing, despite any apologies that are forthcoming.  Fans haven’t forgotten how Bryan Cox is.  Hopefully the NFL hasn’t either.