Arizona Cardinals: Window still open for championship

Mandatory Credit: Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports /

The Arizona Cardinals will see quarterback Carson Palmer and receiver Larry Fitzgerald return for 2017

Some people still don’t believe the Arizona Cardinals can improve on their 7-8-1 2016 season much less make it back to the playoffs and attempt to win a Super Bowl.  When quarterback Carson Palmer and receiver Larry Fitzgerald announced their returns in February, that shows they don’t share that sentiment.

Even if they privately thought the Cardinals had no shot at winning in 2017, they wouldn’t have returned.  Fitz just spent the weekend talking to CBS Sports at the Final Four, saying the practices are the hardest part about returning.

Fitz sounded like a guy ready to hang it up soon.  Game days are not the issue but the rest of what comes along with it has worn on him.  You are only returning in that scenario if you think your team still has a legitimate chance to win.

With the Cardinals looking for their future quarterback this offseason, possibly in the NFL Draft in a few weeks, they still need someone they can count on now.  Palmer let his body heal following the 2016 season and decided to come back.

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Today news came out that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is retiring.  That was what some believed Palmer would do.  They are close in age.  Palmer is only four months older but yet he will play in 2017 and could play 2018 as well.

Romo’s body has been beaten up a little more sure but let’s not forget Palmer has had two ACL injuries.  Plus he took a lot of hits in 2016.

He has to believe that 2017 will be a huge improvement for the offensive line and having healthy bodies will help there.  At 37 he doesn’t return without being told from the Cardinals they are going to do all they can to produce a winner next season.

Romo’s issue partly was he lost out on a job.  Palmer is still the guy in Arizona.  However the body will tell you when its time.  Palmer still gives the Cardinals the best chance to win.

There are no guarantees the Cardinals will win but the belief is there from the players and the organization and that’s where it starts and ends.  Regardless of what the rest of us think, that’s all that matters.