Arizona Cardinals: Team talks quarterback

Mandatory Credit: Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports /

The Arizona Cardinals will have Carson Palmer as their starter for 2017 but the answer beyond that is still a mystery

On Tuesday, Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians and General Manager Steve Keim met with the media.  Take everything they said with a grain of salt.

One big topic was the future of the quarterback for the Cardinals.  Palmer, who decided to return for 2017 back in February, also is signed through 2018.  He has not ruled out returning and the idea of mentoring a young quarterback intrigues him.

On Tuesday, the Cardinals would not tip their hand at they will do in the draft, especially in the first round when it comes to quarterbacks.  However they did mention how a rookie coming in wouldn’t be a normal rookie.  They said

The reason for that is Palmer usually gets Wednesday’s off during the season.  Don’t buy it.  Arians is trying make you think a quarterback is a real possibility.  It may be, maybe not.  He also mentioned about being lucky if a guy drops to them.  You have to love BA.

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Keim made the point of saying that a good arm doesn’t always translate to a good quarterback. That is a a good point.  Look at Logan Thomas.  Great arm, couldn’t quarterback worth a lick.

The overall point it the Cardinals will look at quarterbacks and they’ve dined with a number of possible first-rounders over the last couple of weeks.  Still, it still can all be a smoke screen.

No doubt, they are interested.  Some of these guys will be gone before it’s the Cardinals turn at 13. One or two may still be there.  The Cardinals like a number of arms. Again though, it doesn’t mean they like the the guy for their quarterback.

Anything can happen.  The Cardinals usually never do what we expect them to do or what we think they should do.  Today’s press conference was to appease the media.  You won’t hear from either Arians or Keim until after the draft.  Have fun with the guessing games.