Arizona Cardinals trade up for Josh Rosen

PASADENA, CA - NOVEMBER 11: Josh Rosen /

The Arizona Cardinals may have found their franchise quarterback by trading two picks in the 2018 NFL Draft

The Arizona Cardinals did it.  They finally made the move to draft their franchise quarterback.  Josh Rosen from UCLA is the guy the Cardinals are counting on in the future.

A lot of rumors had been swirling whether the Cardinals would make the move up in the draft to get their guy.  When it was announced they had traded with the Oakland Raiders at number 10, it couldn’t be for anyone else.

Rosen was the guy most linked to the Cardinals by people over the past couple of days.  Now, he gets to come to Arizona and spend time learning behind Sam Bradford.

The Cardinals didn’t really need to give up the farm to get him either.  They traded their third and fifth round picks in this year’s draft to get Rosen.

It is a small price to pay for a quarterback that could be leading their franchise for years.  Rosen has a great arm and playing indoors at University of Phoenix Stadium most of the time should be a huge plus.

It would have been risky to wait until 15 on Rosen.  He may have ended up falling to them there but trading two picks to ensure it would happen was the right move.  It was the smart move.

The Cardinals will eventually be graded on their overall draft, which is now two picks lighter thanks to the trade.  For fans, that should be just fine.

It won’t make everyone happy but then again no move would have made everyone happy.  As long as Bradford stays healthy, Rosen can take his time to learn the game at the NFL level.

The Cardinals will next pick in the second round on Friday night.  For now, the draft is definitely an “A”.  Can general manager Steve Keim continue magic on Friday night?  We shall see.