Rosen may have shot to start for Arizona Cardinals after all

PASADENA, CA - NOVEMBER 11: Josh Rosen /

Arizona Cardinals rookie quarterback Josh Rosen may get his chance in 2018

When asked the other day about Arizona Cardinals rookie quarterback Josh Rosen, head coach Steve Wilks hinted at the possibility.  He was asked if it was a longshot that he would start this season at some point.

He said it wasn’t. So you’re saying there is a chance.  Oh and yes, there is always a chance because Sam Bradford could get hurt.

However if Bradford isn’t performing, it sounds like Rosen could get his shot.  At what point that could be, who knows?

For now, as we’ve been told and repeated here, Bradford is the starting quarterback.  Things do change over time.

Things should change if the Cardinals come out of the gates slow and fall too far behind in the division for anything to matter.  This team can win now but there will be a lot of new faces, so the chance Bradford doesn’t perform well or the team overall doesn’t perform well definitely exists.

This doesn’t mean Rosen should be thrown in at the first sign of trouble.  It would be disappointing if that were the case.

Sure, there will be fans who will start calling for Rosen on the first interception that Bradford throws.  I wish that were an exaggeration but it will happen.

As long as the Cardinals remain competitive and in the playoff hunt and as long as Bradford and even Mike Glennon stay healthy, Rosen should sit and watch.  It will be tempting I’m sure to throw him in there.

In practice on Wednesday, it was noted by Wilks he has a mindset of a veteran.  That’s great to hear but really what does that mean?

Rosen seems to have a good work ethic and understand it will take work to learn the offense and just how fast the NFL game moves.  He will make mistakes and will make great plays.

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We shouldn’t ride every play and read into what it means for his near and distant future.  Give it time.