Arizona Cardinals’ Steve Keim apologetic, remorseful

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) Steve Keim
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) Steve Keim /

Steve Keim, general manager of the Arizona Cardinals, returned to the team on Wednesday

Steve Keim, general manager of the Arizona Cardinals, promised his absence would not affect the team during training camp.  He was right, all went smoothly while he was away and he returned to a tight ship on Wednesday.

Some people are still salty that Keim wasn’t fired because of his DUI arrest. He spent 48-hours in jail and the team imposed a five-week suspension.

There is agreement that Keim got off rather easy compared to some others in his position but just based on how he was during his press conference on Wednesday, clearly he has had time to think.  He has remorse.  He knows he let his team, fans, and most importantly his family down.

It was certainly a learning experience for him.  It is one we all certainly hope he learns from going forward.

We are mad he decided to drive home drunk on July 4th.  Many people unfortunately make the same decisions day in and day out and get away with it.  No excuses for anyone in that situation but Keim also had the added options available to him for someone to drive him home just like players do.

Some are mad because he let receiver Michael Floyd go after his arrest for the same infraction.  There was one difference.  Floyd did not show remorse or offer apologies.  He made excuses like it was kombucha tea that cause his DUI.

Keim offered remorse and apologies from the beginning.  Wednesday was no exception.  He knows he made a huge mistake that could have cost him his life and the life of others.

For some, there is no going back.  There is no second chance.  I don’t blame them.  They are angry.  They may have personal experiences with drunk drivers.  You don’t know where they are coming from with their anger.  Some will tell you, some won’t.

Because he has seemed to learn from his huge error of judgement and he has been remorseful, I give him one more chance.  He has started to get his life back in order.  Part of that life is helping run the Cardinals front office.

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For now, we can get back to football.  Keim can bring football back into his life while he continues to work through his personal issues.  Trust me, his recovery is not just a five week time period.  It is a lifetime.  Welcome back Steve.