Arizona Cardinals with better than zero chance of winning

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The Washington Post doesn’t think much of the Arizona Cardinals chances of winning the NFC West in 2019

We all can agree the Arizona Cardinals chances of winning the NFC West or even finishing with a winning record are slim.  That being said, their chances are more than zero percent as long as they plan on taking the field this season.

However, The Washington Post would disagree.  They ran a computer program 1,000 times and in no scenario did the Cardinals come out with the division win.

Even the San Francisco 49ers came out with a more than zero chance of winning the NFC West.  We should all be thankful the game isn’t played by computers.

Computers don’t add the human element into the equation.  They don’t know about all the injuries that each team will sustain.  They don’t know about all the intangibles that could alter not only one game but create a rolling effect to alter the predicted outcome of a game.

The author of the article, Neil Greenberg, said he tried hard to find a scenario where the Cardinals won the NFC West.  He double-checked.

The computer may not give the Cardinals a chance but until they play the games, they should always be given a chance.  On paper it doesn’t look good.

Finishing with a winning record should be the goal but every team’s goal, realistic or not, is to win it all.  The Cardinals may surprise some, even some of their own fans.

Right now, just improving on a 3-13 season should be good enough to go with at the moment.  There are a lot of new faces on the roster and on the coaching staff.

New anything means uncertainty.  Uncertainty how the new quarterback will fare.  Uncertainty with a new coach, one that is coaching in the NFL for the first time.

So yes, a lot of uncertainty.  The Cardinals though do not have a zero percent chance at winning.

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They also do not have zero chance at going 0-16.  Anything can happen on any given Sunday.