Kyler Murray finds end zone on ground for first time

It took 4 weeks into his professional career but Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray finally did something we’ve been waiting to see

One look at that stat sheet will tell you Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray has had better Sunday’s to start the season.  Overall though, not a bad outing but certainly with things to fix.

He had thrown 4 touchdowns on the season entering Sunday’s contest against the Seattle Seahawks.  He didn’t throw any on this Sunday.

However he did do something he had not yet, he scored on a rushing touchdown.  His legs finally got him 6 points, a 9-yard rushing touchdown.

Granted the points came in a loss and came late again for a Cardinals offense still trying different ways to get into the end zone.  Murray’s scramble into the end zone was the only Cardinals touchdown of the day against the Seahawks.

Overall, Murray ran just 4 times for 27-yards.  It was a performance back in the other direction of getting away from planned runs for the rookie quarterback.

The touchdown run however did appear to be planned.  Murray threw the ball 32 times on Sunday, the fewest so far on his young career.

Murray’s 4 runs were part of 23 rushes for the team on Sunday.  For the most part the Seahawks did a good job of keeping the Cardinals offense off the field.

Still, with the Cardinals still in the game at 20-3 at halftime and with the same score at the end of the third, why not more of an emphasis to run?  Murray has shown he can’t away from everyone but if he picks and chooses his spots, running the ball more than 4 times seems to be warranted.

It’s another stepping stone for the learning process.  The 8 runs he had in week 3 against the Carolina Panthers gathered 69-yards for Murray.

With the Cardinals 0-3-1 and now likely out of any postseason aspirations, why not work on these things?  Get Murray out into space 10-12 times a game. We’ll see what next week against the Cincinnati Bengals brings.