The Arizona Cardinals could be headed to Mexico

With the announcement of the NFL continuing games in Mexico, word is the Arizona Cardinals could be a participant

When NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell mentioned in his State of the League address on Wednesday, he mentioned they would be playing games in Azteca Stadium in Mexico City in 2020 and 2021.   One of the possibilities for teams sounds like could be the Arizona Cardinals.

It was a thought that certainly crossed a number of fans that their team could be going.  That means one team gives up a home game.

ESPN’s John Sutcliffe made a mention of the Cardinals being a possibility in a tweet on Wednesday. He tweeted in Spanish.

Roughly translated he said the Arizona Cardinals would be the home team in Azteca Stadium.  The rival team is to be determined.

That rival team could be anyone.  Some guesses are the San Francisco 49ers, could be the Seattle Seahawks.  It likely won’t be the Los Angeles Rams since they just went through a fiasco with Mexico in 2018.

The Cardinals as you may remember also lost a home game in 2017 when they were the “home” team against the Rams in London.  That happened to be quarterback Carson Palmer‘s last game as he had a season-ending injury.

Mexico has hosted the Cardinals and 49ers before.  In October 2005, receiver Larry Fitzgerald‘s second season in the NFL, the Cardinals defeated the 49ers 31-14.

With a young, re-building team and attendance a slight issue the last couple of years, it is not surprising the Cardinals would be considered for another international game so soon after the last one.

No official word from the NFL on this one quite yet though.  We will get our answer sometime in the next 60 days.  While it would be nice to see the Cardinals get some more international exposure, it would be rough losing another home game.