Arizona Cardinals not ready to part with David Johnson

Arizona Cardinals general manager Steve Keim took a question on Friday about running back David Johnson a step further than Michael Bidwill did earlier in the week

Earlier this week, Arizona Cardinals chairman and owner Michael Bidwill was asked about running back David Johnson and his status for the upcoming season.  He gave the politically correct answer of saying all players are being evaluated currently.

Steve Keim, general manager for the Cardinals was also asked about him on Friday.  He told Arizona Sports 98.7 that Johnson will not be traded.

Certainly that news was taken with mixed results from fans.  Some wanted to re-iterate their thoughts on Keim and why he still has a job.  Some others took the correct road of believing the thought of what else is he going to say?

Keim was also asked if he had taken any calls on Johnson.  He did not directly answer the question other than to say any conversations he’s had about Johnson or others are private and would not divulge any information.  That was the correct thing to say publicly.

Privately it could be a completely different story.  However Keim echoed what many feel.  Johnson is a great guy but think a change of scenery would be better for him.

It is difficult to say whether he should be on the roster or not in 2020.  He may have to just stay and be a backup.  He is a valuable tool in the passing game.

There are some that believe that he still has something to offer in the running game as well and Keim alluded the team may have those thoughts as well, although that would seem to be the exception rather than the rule among fans right now.

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It could be a matter of fit for Johnson in coach Kliff Kingsbury‘s offense.  Some have questioned effort and still do to this day.  There shouldn’t be concern for that even though there is a prevailing thought out there he started to not give 100 percent after his big pay day.  I just don’t see that from him.

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