Arizona Cardinals 4 days away from free agency

The Arizona Cardinals are still on for signing free agents starting Wednesday

With all the closings in sports over the past couple of days thanks to Coronavirus, one of the things that hasn’t been cancelled is the start of the NFL new league year and free agency.  The Arizona Cardinals will be free on Monday to start talking to players and signing them as of 1 pm Arizona time on Wednesday.

The biggest questions as to who they will sign likely start with running back Kenyan Drake.  Are the Cardinals willing to pay his asking price, whatever that may be?

The have to address the defensive line.  Getting another edge rusher to compliment Chandler Jones.  They are out there to be had but again how much are the Cardinals willing to spend?

The offensive line needs depth, what else is new?  However before they talk to anyone, they’d better do their research.  Last year’s crop of free agent offensive linemen coming in didn’t exactly pay off for them.

As usual, the Cardinals and many other teams will sign a number of players in the first 24-48 hours of free agency and it will tail off a bit after a few days.  Or will it?

The fact that players are not allowed to visit other teams could curtail some of the frenzy we are used to seeing in that first 48 hours.  Although I still expect to hear about players who will sign even before the official start of free agency on Wednesday.

The players they sign won’t all be gems.  Some will be guys the Cardinals will take a chance on and not necessarily break the bank with.

At some point they will probably overpay someone for what they are worth and that’s ok.  It happens every year and sometimes paying more is the price you pay to get the guy you really want.

Some people lose their minds over it.  Unfortunately even given the restrictions in travel, it will still be somewhat of a frenzy and the Cardinals don’t want to be left behind.