Arizona Cardinals need to prepare for extended season

Reports have surfaced the NFL players have voted in a majority to approve the new CBA, meaning a longer regular season for the Arizona Cardinals

How does a 17-game regular season sound to you?  Well for the Arizona Cardinals it’s about to come true.

NFL players have voted to approve the new CBA, which will mean a new 10-year agreement that includes the 17-game regular season and an expanded postseason.  How that will look is to be determined but it is something that has been discussed over the past couple of months.

The new regular season format would start in 2021 but the expanded playoffs would start in 2020.  Fans are mixed on the result.

It was a close vote.  We don’t have to like it but it’s not up to us to decide.  It’s the players game and if the players voted in majority, then that’s how it will be.  It affects them.

It includes a high share of player revenue.  It also means that teams can no longer apply a transition tag and a franchise tag in the same year.

Certainly there were a number of options the fans wanted.  Some were ok with the 17 games, but then reduce the preseason.  There was no talk of any reduced preseason.

Many did not want to go to 18 games for the same reasons those players who voted against the new CBA did.  Safety concerns and compensation were among the reasons why many felt the NFL should stick with a 16-game regular season and the playoffs the way they are currently structured.

Personally, 17 or 18 games would be fine as long as if the teams get a reduced training camp/preseason and/or an extra bye in the regular season.  Who knows what the right answer is but this will certainly make a number of people unhappy.

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We’ll see how the schedule plays out with 17 games starting in 2021.  Certainly some teams will have an advantage of a ninth home game.

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