Arizona Cardinals: 3 wide receivers they should target in first round

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With the kind of talent the 2020 NFL Draft offers at the wide receiver position, the Arizona Cardinals need to put aside conventional wisdom and make the bold choice.

There is an interesting debate regarding what position the Arizona Cardinals should pursue in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft. In a lot of ways, most to be specific, General Manager Steve Keim can’t go wrong. If he drafts for the offensive line, it’s smart and provides protection for his young star quarterback. If he selects a wide receiver, he adds a weapon for Kyler Murray.

Again, win-win. For Arizona fans, the idea of adding some fuel to the offensive tank is intriguing. Most have thought that the addition of DeAndre Hopkins was the end of a rookie wide receiver with the eighth pick in the draft. However, it should not end the discussion. With a class this good, perhaps even generational in regards to the talent available, the Cardinals should think long and hard on passing up on a pass-catcher on opening night.

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As for the names, there are more than a few. However, with no second-round pick available for the Cardinals in this draft (unless they trade down), Arizona needs to be courageous and pick up a top talented receiver when one is available for the taking.

Worth noting, as odd as this draft will be given the current conditions, the Arizona Cardinals have a unique opportunity to get better in a host of ways with their first pick. While there is decidedly no wrong direction to go, they can immediately make their offense significantly better. Which in turn will make them a considerable threat in the NFC West.

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