Arizona Cardinals fail to show in loss to Panthers

Arizona Cardinals
Carolina Panthers

No question about it, the Arizona Cardinals are a mess and have a lot to improve on after the loss in Carolina

What time does the Arizona Cardinals game start today?  Just curious because I think it’s safe to say they are still trying to find their way to Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte.

Whatever group of players that physically attended the game against the Carolina Panthers, they can with 100 percent accuracy they got their butts whipped on both sides of the ball in a 31-21 loss.

There is really nothing good to say about the Cardinals performance on Sunday, we’d have to look hard for sure. The Panthers jumped out to a 14-0 lead in the first quarter and never looked back.

The Cardinals meanwhile, looked like a team that had little care in being in Charlotte on Sunday.  They looked like a team that failed to prepare.  They looked like a team that forgot how to call proper professional football plays.

Every performance was subpar.  There was no offense.  There was no pass rush.  There was very little resemblance of the running game that got the Cards to 2-0.

The fact is, the last two weeks were supposed to be easier games for the Cardinals.  At least last Sunday they looked like they were trying.  Whatever that was on Sunday in Charlotte, they can just throw that playbook out. It didn’t work.  None of it did.

Now the Cardinals are left trying to pick up the pieces.  They head to the New York Jets next week who are 0-4.  At this point, if the same Cardinals team shows up in New York next Sunday, the Jets will beat them.

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This Cardinals team will not win any more games.  In all seriousness, this brand of football will not garner them one more victory.  When that happens, it’s time to clean house once again unfortunately.