Arizona Cardinals should bring Kenyan Drake back

Kenyan Drake has been a point of discussion among those who will be entering free agency for the Arizona Cardinals

Though he didn’t make 1,000-yards rushing in 2020, there were a number of factors to come into play. Arizona Cardinals running back Kenyan Drake finished the season with 955-yards rushing and 10 touchdowns, all on the ground.

There are a number of Cardinals fans that want to see him gone for good as he enters free agency this offseason.  The question is, who is out there that is better?

You probably won’t find another running back who can produce more than 10-15 touchdowns in a season as long as Kyler Murray is your quarterback.  Let’s not forget Murray can run as well.

Murray accounted for 819-yards and 11 touchdowns on the ground.  If your quarterback is scoring 11 times on the ground, there probably won’t be 15-20 opportunities for other backs to get in the end zone.

Drake did have three fumbles this season.  Is that cause for any kind of alarm?  Let’s also remember who calls the plays out there.

This is really not an argument to say Drake was great or there can’t be anyone better but at this point, who is that person? We all love Chase Edmonds.

Edmonds is more versatile for sure.  Drake is the power runner though. They need a guy like that. And before you go spouting about Eno Benjamin, there was a reason the man failed to see the field in his rookie season.

As far as unrestricted free agent running backs age 27 or younger, the picking is slim.  Who you going after? Matt Brieda (26)? No thanks, he’s oft injured.

Todd Gurley is likely to cost around the same as Drake. Certainly cost could be the one barrier to him returning.

The one guy that could change this discussion is the one that could get drafted in April.  Would the Cardinals draft a running back? Some seem to think so.

However, free agency starts in March.  We should know everything we need to know about the direction the Cardinals will go here in a couple of months well ahead of the draft.