Going through Arizona Cardinals potential trades with division rivals

Steve Keim, General Manager, Arizona Cardinals Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Steve Keim, General Manager, Arizona Cardinals Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports /

Heading into the 2021 draft, the Arizona Cardinals hold something that the L.A. Rams and Seattle Seahawks don’t have- a first round pick.  With the Rams going all-in to win now, and a report surfacing about how Russell Wilson isn’t happy about his protection (on top of teams calling and inquiring for trades) makes the rare act of an Arizona Cardinals potential trades with either of these teams something to keep in the back of your mind,.

It made me think of hypothetical trades that could happen, and the second round hasn’t been too bad in terms of getting great talent in recent years. The Cardinals’ own Byron Murphy, Jonathon Taylor, Chase Claypool and more are examples of recent day 2 standouts. So what would a trade between these two rival teams look like?

The first of the Arizona Cardinals potential trades

This was tough to figure out. I originally wanted a defensive player, specifically KJ Wright, but he is set to hit free agency. Safety was another possibility with Quandre Diggs, but at this point keeping Chris Banjo is for the better. So this left me to go with Tyler Lockett from the offensive side of the ball. The Cardinals could pick up an electric #2 receiver that would cause headaches for opposing defenses.

Seattle would most likely draft an offensive lineman that would be high on their board with the 16th pick. Even an attempt to show that they care for Wilson up front will go a long way in making him happy instead of drafting defensive ends that have minimal impact. This of course probably won’t happen, but this is what the offseason is for, right?

In final of Arizona Cardinals potential trades, AZ sends off frustrating WR to LA, get solid IOL

The Rams are looking to make a big impact with their new quarterback, and have shifted into maximum overdrive (with the turbo) in order to win another Lombardi. The Rams could go with a multitude of players here at 16. This is a win-win for both teams, as even with trading away Austin Corbett, the Rams could draft his replacement. Additionally, Christian Kirk may be of a fit in Sean McVay’s system with two established players ahead of him on the depth chart in the form Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp.

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For Arizona, getting Corbett would be a dream, as he could step into either guard position, especially if the team still refuses to play LaMont Gaillard at the guard position (he played that mostly in college). Plus sending off Christian Kirk after an underwhelming career could be for the best, and maybe the Rams would use his skills at punt returner (in reality, Kirk isn’t a great punt returner and would help Arizona in future matchups). The return on the picks isn’t too bad either.

A lot of offensive linemen’s stock has risen due to Super Bowl LV. Do both Seattle and LA want one of the rookies in the draft? If these teams do call the Cardinals, the back-and-forth will be worth every penny to watch.