Twitter rumor that Arizona Cardinals could go after JuJu Smith-Schuster

A tweet from @nflrums on Twitter put forth a source-less tweet that claimed the Arizona Cardinals are going to make a push for former USC wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster. This had me doing my best Michael Scott “NO!” impression.

I’m not sure if the league has seen a player give more bulletin board material in one season than what Juju Smith-Schuster did last year. The pregame disrespect of dancing on the midfield logo of opposing teams, and posting it on Tiktok before the game. The infamous quote of “The Browns is the Browns…they’re just a bunch of nameless gray faces”. When you add in the fact that Chase Claypool also started to do the same as the year went along, the red flags are countless.

Adding Smith-Schuster to the Cardinals would be a disaster. While Steve Keim could technically still sign him, there is no logical sense to do so. Other than maybe Tyrann Mathieu and Robert Nkemdiche, what other highly questionable players have signed with the Arizona Cardinals in the last ten years?

Another issue is that this offense (outside of Larry Fitzgerald) has no one who holds the group accountable. One could make the argument for DeAndre Hopkins, but one season with the team isn’t enough sample size for myself personally to make a judgement on that. Nobody would really have a shot at stopping this guy from giving extra motivation.

Where was the urgency and communication when the team was slipping in the latter half of the season? I’ve gone on and on about how Kyler Murray and Kliff Kingsbury sure didn’t provide much outward, positive encouragement during tough times.

Finally, any sort of off-the-field distractions for the team have arguably been the undoing of them. What I’m saying is that I believe the hail Mary got to their heads and created a lax mentality amongst some of the players. Adding Juju Smith-Schuster would destroy this team from the inside out, just like he did in Pittsburgh.

If Keim wants to keep this positive growth (albeit slow) going, then he should steer clear of Smith-Schuster and draft a young wide receiver instead. I’ll take whoever that is and Christian Kirk any day of the week instead of JJS. On the other hand, Sammy Watkins, Curtis Samuel maybe even T.Y. Hilton are better options in free agency. This team cannot afford to miss the postseason in 2021, and if that does happen, massive change will take place within the organization and who knows what happens after that.