Kyler Murray shared new uniform concept on Instagram story

Kyler Murray shared a new uniform concept on his Instagram story.

This is great news. On Tuesday, Kyler Murray shared a new uniform concept that sent the fanbase into quite the ruckus. For a team that has had one of the worst-rated uniforms in the league for quite some time, this was something to celebrate for Arizona Cardinals fans. But for some reason, one of  the teams’ biggest writers, Darren Urban almost yells at fans for asking about new uniforms in his mailbag that he writes for on the site.

Then on top of that, the teams own social media account posted a tweet that basically told fans to back off on free agency and the uniforms, a tweet that I wrote about as well. However with Murray sharing this on his own story, it just adds more fuel to the fire. If you’ve been following since last year, the timeline of the Cardinals getting new jerseys has been as such:

  • Murray says he likes “that state flag look” on twitch stream (March 2020)
  • Numerous mailbag letters to Darren Urban throughout 2020 season
  • Official team Twitter account post tells fans to cool it (March 2021)
  • Kyler Murray shared this concept below (click to enlarge)


If your starting quarterback is sharing these pictures and basically telling you to change your uniforms, you change your uniforms. Of course as of this writing Fitzgerald is not coming back yet, but the jerseys can be seen above. They are basically the 90’s away jerseys minus the blue stripe around the sleeves to match the state flag. Even the old Cardinal logo that seems twice as big to the current one comes back.

Murray is choosing to listen to the fans calling, and they’re loving it. For those who say that a fans can’t make a change in a franchise, then I will present them with this ongoing development and rest my case. Get it done, Cardinals.