Steve Keim made another confusing move by releasing Lamont Gaillard

(Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images) Lamont Gaillard
(Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images) Lamont Gaillard /

Just as this summer’s training camp is about to begin, the Arizona Cardinals decided to part ways with one of their reserve offensive linemen.

In another totally Steve Keim move, the Arizona Cardinals recently decided to let go of fan-favorite backup center, Lamont Gaillard. For the Cardinals last season, Gaillard stepped in for Mason Cole when he was injured, giving stability to the center position that had not been provided by Cole.

Once Cole came back, Gaillard never saw meaningful snaps for Arizona again in 2020. So why release your backup center just before this year’s training camp is about to start? If there’s anything that the Cardinals have learned, it’s that your backup center’s importance can’t be taken for granted.

Gaillard played well in his two games last season, and his ability to also play guard was something that some felt would keep him on the team. Just as mysterious as ever, Keim said it was Gaillard’s time to go. Compare this to the level of confusion that came from cutting, then re-signing cornerback Robert Alford earlier this year.

The offensive line had a ridiculous 32 false start penalties last season (most in the NFL), and maybe that’s the reason why Keim let Gaillard go. But where was offensive line coach/run game coordinator Sean Kugler in all of this?

The Arizona Cardinals and Steve Keim can’t have a one-man depth chart

Trying to hope and be faithful that Rodney Hudson won’t get hurt is like saying “I’m going to drive without ever changing my oil,” and think that it’s a good idea. This isn’t to say Hudson is going to get hurt next season, but come on Keim, you have to have a backup ready to go.

Before you say it, Michael Menet is not the answer. Nor is Max Garcia. Just when it looked like the Cardinals’ offensive line was about to be very deep in 2021, this happens. It’s not the end of the world, but it is certainly frustrating.

We’ll see how this affects Kyler Murray and the Arizona quarterback room. How will Colt McCoy do in the preseason with a seventh-round center snapping him the ball? Why does this year’s seventh-round draft pick get to move up the depth chart when Eno Benjamin’s been locked in a cellar?

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The world may never know.