3 moves the Cardinals must make to host a home Super Bowl

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) Kyler Murray
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) Kyler Murray /
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Arizona Cardinals
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The Arizona Cardinals can perform a three-peat that has never been accomplished in NFL history.

Last year, the Bucs played a home Super Bowl. This year, it’s the Rams (although they’re the designated road team). Next season, State Farm Stadium hosts the Super Bowl. So perhaps the Cardinals decided to finish 4-7 after their red-hot 7-0 start because they wanted home-field advantage in the big game?

Hey, the Cardinals didn’t play well at home in 2021. But lets’ put 2021 in the rearview and assume they’ll have sorted out home-field woes when September 2022 rolls around. Assuming they do so if they make three much-needed moves during the most turbulent part of the NFL season: The offseason.

In short, they need to find a better way to keep Kyler Murray healthy all season. They should also give Kliff Kingsbury an ultimatum: Find an offensive coordinator, or get out. Finally, they need to draft players who can contribute and make an impact now. Not do what they did with Zaven Collins and sit him 75 percent of the time.

Here are the offseason moves explained further.