Arizona Cardinals need a uniform change to ignite hope

(Photo by Stephen Dunn/ALLSPORT) Leshon Johnson
(Photo by Stephen Dunn/ALLSPORT) Leshon Johnson /

Fans have been calling for the Arizona Cardinals to make a uniform switch for a while. Well, now is the time for the franchise to make the change.

The Arizona Cardinals need a morale boost in a big way. So do the fans of the Cardinals, as three consecutive seasons as “second half of the season chokers” is starting to get old and embarrassing real quick. On the field, Arizona needs a facelift for its head coach, general manager, and both sides of the trenches.

Off the field, the one way to light a wave of excitement for Cardinals fans is to finally update the team’s uniforms.

Of course, every team in the NFC West has done it (we do not count the most recent Los Angeles Rams uniforms as an acceptable attempt), yet here Arizona sits with unchanged duds since the 2004 season.

What was once old could now be new again for the Arizona Cardinals uniforms

Many fans have pleaded with the Cardinals to return to their late 1990s look, which featured the state flag on the side. Even the old Phoenix Cardinals jerseys with the old bird logo on top of the state flag looked terrific. We didn’t know it then, but Arizona had beautiful uniforms that we took for granted.

Uniform changes have been a part of successful Super Bowl runs and change in the general nature of teams. For example, the mid-90s uniform switch by the Denver Broncos saw them immediately win their first title with John Elway as their quarterback.

The Seattle Seahawks switched jerseys almost 10 years ago and they wore their new duds all the way to a Super Bowl XLVIII victory. Likewise, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have won two Super Bowls shortly after switching uniforms.

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Say what you want about the change, but new uniforms would have Cardinals fans at full enthusiasm for the first time in a long time.