3 annoying Arizona Cardinals things that must be avoided this year

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(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) Kyler Murray /
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Arizona Cardinals
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The Arizona Cardinals need to avoid these three more minor things that don’t have a direct influence on games.

The Arizona Cardinals are in the middle of an annoying time right now. They have gotten better each year, but each year seems to end more disappointingly and heartbreakingly fashion than the next.

While we can talk Xs’s and O’s until the cows come home, there are three other little things that the Arizona Cardinals must avoid when progressing through the 2022 NFL season. Some of them may seem trivial in retrospect, but there is ample evidence for these choices not to be made.

Yes, this is the off-season when these things get discussed. What else is there to talk about during the lull from the draft until training camp? It’s time to take a look at these three decisions that should not be made this year.