Kyler Murray is league’s most under pressure quarterback

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Kyler Murray
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Kyler Murray has the most pressure on him out of any quarterback in the NFL.

Three seasons, three years of win/loss improvement. Two Pro Bowl selections, along with a playoff appearance for the first time in five years. These are just some of the things that Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray has achieved since being picked first overall in 2019.

Yet, simultaneously, there have been brutally bad losses on top of missed time due to nagging injuries. Murray also has gotten to throw to DeAndre Hopkins and Larry Fitzgerald in his career while also having Zach Ertz and J.J. Watt on the team as well.

So why hasn’t Kyler Murray met expectations yet, and who are the ones who set them? The fans of the Arizona Cardinals have been temporarily spoiled with Kurt Warner and Carson Palmer’s dramatic playoff victories when they were here and how everyone was 100 percent unified when those two lined up under center.

Now, one can find pockets and factions of the fanbase that all have differentiating viewpoints on Murray. Some think he’s the future, and some don’t. But however you slice it, it’s clear that Murray has the most pressure on him out of any quarterback in the NFL.

Why is that? Here’s reason number one.