Kyler Murray, NFC West named as third-best Quarterback division

(Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images) Kyler Murray
(Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images) Kyler Murray /

Kyler Murray and the NFC West Quarterbacks have some serious firepower.

The NFC West has been the best and toughest division for the greater part of the last decade. There was no way anyone could top the NFC West until the Russell Wilson trade happened.

So it’s no surprise that the division slipped from seemingly first place to third after that transaction happened.’s Adam Schein made the rankings, and even though Schein has spoken highly of the Cardinals in the past, He gave the top ranking to Matthew Stafford of the Los Angeles Rams.

"I like Murray more than I love Murray. His disappearing act at the end of consecutive seasons (Murray’s passer rating over the past two seasons ranked seventh between September and November; in December, that ranking slipped to 24th) scares me.And as much as I was on board with the Cardinals’ trade to acquire Hollywood Brown, the fact that Murray will have to play without suspended receiver DeAndre Hopkins to start the 2022 campaign is a concern, as is Murray’s unsettled contract situation."

Kyler Murray’s inconsistencies hurt his perception amongst his peers in the league.

Every Arizona Cardinals fan knows that Murray has been inconsistent in his first three years. But, of course, injuries have been a big part of that.

From the road game against Seattle in 2019 (which I was able to see) where Murray had the Cardinals competing until he aggravated his ankle, to the Carlos Dunlap hit in 2020, and then last year’s ankle sprain that kept him out for three weeks.

Schein also cites Murray’s drop in performance which is undeniable. As for the rest of the NFC West and their ranking, it makes sense. Trey Lance and whoever Seattle chooses as their quarterback will be atmospheres below Murray unless some miracle happens.

Third place isn’t bad for the NFC West. We’ll take it.

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