4 best case schedule scenarios for Arizona Cardinals in 2024

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals
Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals / Ryan Kang/GettyImages
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With reports about the NFL schedule being released next week Wednesday, the Arizona Cardinals will finally learn when they will play their scheduled opponents in 2024. They have known who they will play, which include four potential starting rookie quarterbacks. However, they will face some serious competition as well which includes Miami, Buffalo, Green Bay and Detroit. The Cardinals are 8-26 over the last two seasons. In the last ten seasons, the Cardinals only have five seasons of 8+ wins and Jonathan Gannon will be looking to turn around the franchise.

While it takes hard practice and focus, it also takes a little bit of luck for a team to come out with a win. Part of that luck can come from their schedule. Whether it is injuries or bad play, teams can benefit or suffer from their schedule. Arizona will need some luck with the release of the NFL schedule.

Here are the four best case scenarios for the Cardinals’ 2024 schedule.