5 best remaining free agents for the Arizona Cardinals

With still a good amount of money left, the Arizona Cardinals can make free agency moves that would bring a boost to the team.
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As it currently stands, the Arizona Cardinals have just over $29 million left in cap space according to overthecap.com. They have taken a focus on the defensive side of the ball with help at all three levels. Having a head coach in Jonathan Gannon whose main skillset is on defense, Gannon will be able to work with the new players and help build back up the defense from last year. With having the sixth most amount of cap space left, Arizona still has an opportunity to make a splash in free agency. 

There are still plenty of free agents on the market that would make good additions to teams across the league. It is no secret that the Cardinals still need a vast improvement of the roster. Should Arizona pursue free agents before or after the draft, there are five current free agents that Monti Ossenfort should reach out and have a conversation with.

Here are five current free agents who could help the Cardinals in 2024.

5.) Dalton Risner

The Cardinals have brought in offensive linemen Jonah Williams and Evan Brown through free agency so far. Building in the trenches is a key factor for a team’s success and Dalton Risner is an intriguing player that the Cardinals could very well add to improve the run-blocking scheme. At 28 years old, Risner would be a great addition to the interior part of the Arizona offensive line. Even if it was just a one-year deal, it gives the Cardinals room for flexibility and it gives Risner another chance to show what he can do on a team that does not have high expectations.