Dear Arizona Cardinals fans: Temper your expectations with Kyler Murray in Week 10

The good news is that quarterback Kyler Murray will finally return to action in the Arizona Cardinals Week 10 matchup vs. the Atlanta Falcons.
Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers
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While the Red Sea is certainly excited to see Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray return to action for the first time in nearly a year, it’s also prudent to keep expectations realistic. Sure, Murray possesses an exciting playing style, but he’s also coming off of a torn ACL, meaning you probably won’t see the same quarterback you came to know this week. 

It’s also something head coach Jonathan Gannon had enough common sense to acknowledge. Earlier today, the Cardinals head coach stated the following:

""We got to be willing to understand that it might not look like Kyler. And I think he's got a good expectation of that. The coaches have a good expectation of that, but I know this: He's going to come out there and play his game and help us win.""

Jonathan Gannon

Source: Cardinals QB Kyler Murray to start Sunday if no setbacks by Josh Weinfuss,

But that also doesn’t mean he won’t make those wow factor throws early, or impress us with the occasional scramble. Murray could also have more talent around him at the skill positions than Tune did if wide receiver Michael Wilson and running backs Emari Demercado and James Conner get the greenlight. However, the offensive line is banged up, meaning Murray may need to be ultra-quick with his throws.

Arizona Cardinals fanbase needs to keep expectations realistic in Week 10

At 1-8, it’s basically official that the Cardinals are going nowhere this year, but it’s also true that, thanks to Murray’s return, this is the most exciting 1-8 team in quite some time. While fans need to realize that Murray probably won’t look like the dual-threat quarterback he is this week, they will slowly see vintage Murray return to form as the second half of the season progresses. 

By the end of the year, and hopefully with a more respectable record, Murray should give the Red Sea enough of a sound sample size that they will be confident that he can lead them next season and at least give them hope that he can live up to his contract. 

While the first half of 2023 has been tough to watch, Murray will give us a reason to stick around for the second half of the year. While fans shouldn’t expect a lot early, Murray will show us steady progress from Week 10 to Week 18.