Arizona Cardinals: Top 5 greatest victories over the Cowboys (1988-2022)

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1 - Cardinals End a 50-Year Drought

The St. Louis/Arizona Cardinals won nothing more than a Playoff Bowl in 1964 between the years 1948 and 1997. They appeared in just three playoff games: A 7-0 loss in the 1948 NFL Championship, and a pair of Divisional Playoff games in 1974 and 1975, respectively. 

The Cards once again looked as though they’d be extending that 50-year drought in 1998, after they snuck into the playoffs as a wildcard with none other than the Cowboys staring them down. Despite Dallas sweeping the Cards, Jake Plummer and Company got to work early and never looked back. 

Arizona led 20-0 after Chris Jacke nailed a 46-yard field goal late, and by the time Troy Aikman hit Billy Davis with a six-yard touchdown, Arizona was already thinking about the following week’s matchup. To this day, the win remains one of the greatest upsets in franchise history.


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