Arizona Cardinals: What latest roster transaction could mean for Kyler Murray

Myjai Sanders is the latest draft pick from the Steve Keim era to be handed his walking papers, and the Arizona Cardinals may not be done just yet.
Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers
Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

It’s tough to say the Steve Keim era wasn’t full of big-time mistakes…it was. Myjai Sanders didn’t look like he was one of them, but here we are, talking about the Arizona Cardinals and their plans to release the former third-round pick. 

So what does this mean for Kyler Murray, you may ask? Honestly, this implies the Cardinals are on a mission to get rid of as many Keim era players as possible, indicating that guys like Murray may not have a chance after all this speculation that he could be the guy for the new regime.

Maybe it’s not the case, and let’s hope it isn’t, as drafting a quarterback to replace Murray could further reset the franchise. But at this point, is it any coincidence that the following key players,or in some cases, key backups, are no longer with the team? 

  • Zach Allen
  • Byron Murphy
  • Isaiah Simmons
  • Josh Jones
  • Myjai Sanders

There are more, but there is no need to name anyone else to get the point. These were five Keim era players who either contributed, or had the potential to become a contributor, find themselves elsewhere. 

Does Kyler Murray really have a chance with the Arizona Cardinals?

The Cardinals will activate Kyler Murray at some point, but is it for him to showcase what he can do for the Redbirds, or for him to audition for one of the other 31 teams? Think about how many NFL teams need a quarterback at the moment, and regardless of Murray’s gigantic contract, if he plays well in a limited sample size this season, he will have takers. 

And right now, that could be just fine for Monti Ossenfort, Jonathan Gannon, and everyone else on the Arizona Cardinals staff. There have just been way too many Keim era players leaving the desert, with Myjai Sanders being the latest one shown the door. 

If the Cardinals season ended today, they would have the fourth pick in the NFL Draft, which is high enough to select someone like Drake Maye or Shedeur Sanders. It may not be financially or logistically sound here in October, but we have seen enough to at least start seriously speculating.