Arizona Cardinals: 3 offseason trades we would love to see in 2023

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The Arizona Cardinals must use their latest regime as an opportunity to rebuild. So no, they shouldn’t hesitate to trade away a few familiar faces.

The Arizona Cardinals are going to make a lot of offseason moves as they attempt to transform the team into a winning unit. One look at the number of pending free agents alone should tell you there will be plenty of, and much-needed, roster turnover. 

But don’t think for a single second that they should limit themselves to letting their 30-plus free agents walk and sign some newbies to the squad. Instead, if the Cards want to completely revamp the roster for 2023, they need to make some sweeping changes, like trades, for instance. Even those you may not agree with. 

If the Redbirds move a couple of players who were staples in this organization over the past couple of seasons for draft picks, then they have better odds of rebuilding this roster faster. Sure, that will mean painful goodbyes, but at the same time, doing so will also build the foundation for long-term success in the future. 

So who should the Cardinals trade away? Keep reading for more. 

Deebo Samuel, Deandre Hopkins
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3 players the Arizona Cardinals should trade this offseason

1 - DeAndre Hopkins

We’ve spent plenty of time talking about trading DeAndre Hopkins. Given the receiver’s production, even in a year where he only saw time in nine games, he’s still one of the league’s best. 

And the Arizona Cardinals could still eek out a first-rounder for Hopkins, or at the absolute least, a second-rounder and a mid-rounder. If the Cardinals want to maximize their draft stock and get younger, trading Hopkins should be Priority #1 this offseason. 

Trading Hopkins isn’t the most popular issue among fans, but let’s still get something out of the soon-to-be 11-year veteran while we can. If Arizona is truly in rebuilding mode, then general manager Monti Ossenfort should make this move and collect a few more draft picks.