Where would the Arizona Cardinals pick if the 2023 Season ended after Week 13?

The Arizona Cardinals improved to 3-10 in their latest upset win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. But they are no longer picking second if the season ended today.
Arizona Cardinals v Pittsburgh Steelers
Arizona Cardinals v Pittsburgh Steelers / Justin Berl/GettyImages

The Arizona Cardinals won 24-10 yesterday, and in the process, they improved their record to 3-10. Few saw the Cards snagging over two wins this season, so 3-10 is quite the accomplishment in what many of us knew was going to be a bad season overall. 

The win also knocked the Cardinals out of receiving the second pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, but you shouldn’t be too worried if they stay in the third slot when the season ends in five weeks. Since the Carolina Panthers are 1-11, it means the Chicago Bears still hold the first pick, which they will likely use on a quarterback instead of receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. 

The New England Patriots slide into the Cardinals former spot with the second pick, and it’s been clear several times this season that they need a quarterback. Therefore, New England would shock the Cardinals and the NFL if they were to take Harrison this April should they keep the second pick.

Arizona Cardinals are also picking in the second half of the first round

The Cardinals came close to once again holding their second selection in the first round near or in the top half, but the Houston Texans narrowly escaped with their seventh win of the season over the Denver Broncos. This gives the Cardinals the 18th pick in the 2024 draft at the moment. And once again, they can go in a myriad of directions here, whether they have their eye on an EDGE rusher, an offensive lineman, or a cornerback. 

Overall, with the Bears on the Cardinals schedule a few weeks from today (Week 16) the Redbirds may not be finished winning just yet. Therefore, there is a chance the Cards move further down with their top pick in the first round in the next three weeks. Even if that Week 16 matchup looks meaningless to many in the NFL, it may hold some high stakes for fans of the Cardinals and Bears.


Source: Tankathon