5 Arizona Cardinals playing for their jobs in the final four games of 2023

The Arizona Cardinals have quite a few players who have secured a spot for 2024, but there are even more who have not.
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D.J. Humphries
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5 - D.J. Humphries, T

D.J. Humphries is no longer the tackle he once was, and it would be tough to see the Arizona Cardinals spending another season with him trying to protect the quarterback’s blind side. While he also has two seasons left on his contract, the Cards have a potential out, so it’s not like it will cost them a fortune to get rid of the former franchise left tackle. 

The only way Humphries sticks around is if he returns to his old form throughout the final four weeks, and that’s hard to see after the way he’s performed this season. Expect the Cardinals to either replace Humphries with an established talent in free agency, or through the NFL Draft, with the latter being the likelier scenario. 

Like the other players listed above, Humphries can stick around and they will give him that chance. But right now, it looks bleak, so be prepared to see Humphries in a different uniform next season. 


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