7 Arizona Cardinals we want to see more of in Preseason Week 2

The Arizona Cardinals are getting ready to face the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 2 of the preseason. Here are seven players we want to see more of.
Denver Broncos v Arizona Cardinals
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The Arizona Cardinals weren’t supposed to drive optimism in their Week 1 preseason matchup vs. the Denver Broncos. Instead, Russell Wilson and Company were supposed to easily move the ball on the Redbirds defense, and the porous defensive line wasn’t supposed to apply so much pressure on seemingly every play. 

Wilson got his touchdown pass in the end, but by that point, most of the Cards D was standing on the sidelines having already finished their evening. We want to see more of the Cardinals starting defense and/or their primary role players, with three in particular. But we also want to see some big and emerging names on the offensive side of the ball. 

Below, there are seven players, three on defense, three on offense, and one specialist, who deserve more playing time and an extended look this Saturday vs. the Kansas City Chiefs. Keep reading to find out who we are looking forward to watching.

Rondale Moore
Denver Broncos v Arizona Cardinals / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

7 Arizona Cardinals we need to see more of

1 - Rondale Moore, WR

Rondale Moore’s lead at the SWR spot shouldn’t be so comfortable following Andre Baccellia’s performance last week. Moore didn’t get a ton of playing time, as expected, but his slip up caused the Arizona Cardinals to turn the ball over when quarterback Clayton Tune looked his way.

While it’s too early to hold this against him to a great degree, it is worth noting that Baccellia enjoyed a great game and made the most of his opportunity. This week, we need to see Moore on the field often, and if he can bounce back and show us that he can stretch the field the same way Baccellia did last week.

2 - Emari Demercado, RB

Nothing impresses coaches more than sheer effort if you are either a late round draft pick or in Emari Demercado’s case, an undrafted free agent. When the Cardinals went for the win the other night, Demercado wasn’t supposed to find the end zone, but his sheer effort put him over the goal line to secure the win. 

Even before that run, Demercado, despite averaging just 3.5 yards per carry, looked good - he had one six-yard loss to which he had no chance to make anything happen, which explained the pedestrian YPC. While Ty’Son Williams’ performance should give him more of a look, the Cards should not ignore Demercado.