Arizona Cardinals quarterback makes a bold claim for Week 2

Spin it any way you will, but Arizona Cardinals quarterback Josh Dobbs had a bad debut for the Redbirds. However, his confidence is not shaken.
Arizona Cardinals v Washington Commanders
Arizona Cardinals v Washington Commanders / Michael Owens/GettyImages

Josh Dobbs was one of the league’s worst quarterbacks on Sunday, but it’s easy to see why the Arizona Cardinals like him so much. Dobbs boasts so much poise and confidence, you’d think he’s a Top 15 quarterback by the way he talks. And following the Cardinals 20-16 loss to the Washington Commanders, a game in which he lost two fumbles, Dobbs didn’t waiver. 

""I think a huge jump is in store. Just getting out there, getting in the flow of a game, getting in the flow with the guys and the rhythm. Just getting out there to play ball can definitely (provide) a huge jump and I expect to make a huge jump, especially situationally.""

Josh Dobbs

Source: The Dobbs Debut, And Commanders Aftermath by Darren Urban, AZ

Again, say what you will about Dobbs, but you can’t not love the guy’s optimism and overall positive outlook. On Sunday, Dobbs was paltry, completing just one of his 21 passes for over 15 yards. 

And if he struggles again next Sunday, head coach Jonathan Gannon has to at least consider changing quarterbacks. But don’t expect Dobbs to waver if that’s the case, and I guarantee you he will do everything in his power to win the job back should rookie Clayton Tune find his way onto the playing field.

Arizona Cardinals quarterback gets bold for Week 2

How can Dobbs fare better in Week 2? Simple: He needs to stretch the field more, and by not doing this on Sunday, the Commanders caught on and stopped respecting the passing game. 

It’s also appropriate to point out that Dobbs completed just six of his 21 completions for between 10 and 14 yards. So when you add in the lone 15-plus yard completion, just 33% of them went for 10 or more. 

Dobbs simply can’t put up another generously pedestrian performance this coming Sunday. And it won’t be long until the “boos” rain down at State Farm Stadium and the “Tune” chants begin if he does. 

It doesn’t matter that Dobbs has only been in the desert for less than a month. The Arizona Cardinals put their stock into him, and they expect a return on their investment.