Arizona Cardinals: Top 5 sleepers on defense in the 2023 NFL Draft

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Lance Boykin
Coastal Carolina v Marshall / G Fiume/GettyImages

5 - Lance Boykin, CB/Coastal Carolina

If the Arizona Cardinals are looking to snag a larger corner, Lance Boykin (6’3, 200lb) is their guy. A rather late-bloomer, the former Old Dominion-turned Coastal Carolina prospect logged 55 total tackles last season, with 7 passes defensed and 2 picks. 

Unlike some prospects listed here, Boykin will be a surefire Day 3 pick. Even if the Cardinals opt to roll with a corner earlier in the draft, Boykin could be the kind of player you sit for a year or two, only for him to break out when given extended playing time. 

Since the Arizona Cardinals are drawing a lot of attention for the third overall pick this season, it is likely that the team will have more than enough draft picks when it’s all said and done to snag a few of the prospects listed above. We will wait and see what kind of deal Ossenfort manages to snag, but there is a chance he could get multiple picks on Days 2 and 3 to help fill the Redbirds roster. 

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