3 Arizona Cardinals who MUST step up in Week 2 vs. the Giants

The Arizona Cardinals could, and probably should have flown back to the desert with a win over the Washington Commanders last Sunday.
Arizona Cardinals v Washington Commanders
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Arizona Cardinals quarterback Josh Dobbs
Sep 10, 2023; Landover, Maryland, USA; Arizona Cardinals quarterback Joshua Dobbs (9) is hit by / Brent Skeen-USA TODAY Sports

2 - Josh Dobbs

Arizona Cardinals head coach Jonathan Gannon made it official yesterday, so expect Josh Dobbs to once again man the driver’s seat for the Arizona Cardinals. We’ve covered Dobbs enough over the past two days that it’s not necessary to rehash his paltry performance against Washington. 

So instead, let’s focus on what Dobbs must do if he wants to hang onto the starting job until Kyler Murray returns. For one, he needs to stop checking down to his backs or using his tight ends as constant “security blankets.” Dobbs got way too predictable last Sunday, and while he lacks adequate arm strength, stretching the field will at least keep the defense honest. 

Dobbs must also find ways to extend the play if the offensive line again struggles. He can be a mobile quarterback when he wants to, so more rollouts when under duress should be a simple yet effective remedy. The Giants defense isn’t as talented as Washington’s, so with a more manageable opponent, Dobbs at least has a better chance to make something happen.