Arizona Cardinals wearing red jersey in Week 16 as Bears throw back to the 1930s

The Arizona Cardinals will fly into Soldier Field to face a Bears team wearing a look that the Redbirds saw when they called Chicago home.

Atlanta Falcons v Arizona Cardinals
Atlanta Falcons v Arizona Cardinals / Mike Christy/GettyImages

You may know that the Arizona Cardinals and the Chicago Bears once held a geographic rivalry with one another. And while that rivalry is no longer an annual occurrence, it doesn’t mean the Cardinals and Bears won’t throw back to the old days, and that is what’s going on this weekend. 

The Bears are wearing their 1936 throwbacks for this one, which comprises white jerseys with several striping patterns, blue numbers, a navy helmet with three orange stripes, navy pants, and socks with horizontal navy and orange stripes. It was a look that they wore during the Cardinals time in the Windy City, and since they are rolling with the light jerseys, it means the Cardinals will wear red on red. 

Arizona Cardinals wearing red jerseys on the road against the Bears in Week 16

This will be the second time the Cardinals are wearing red on the road this season, as they previously wore the look in Week 1 against the Washington Commanders. The Cards lost 20-16 that week, although they have won two of their three games this season while wearing red, so perhaps they will make it three times on Sunday. 

The modern-classic look that they are currently boasting will mesh well with the Bears throwback, making it one of the better and more underrated uniformed matchups of the week. However, it will face competition from the Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins, as the latter will be wearing their 1966 throwbacks, while the Buffalo Bills and Los Angeles Chargers have a battle featuring a pair of modern-classics. 

Finally, the Las Vegas Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs matchups are also guaranteed to feature remarkable uniform aesthetics. But nevertheless, the Arizona Cardinals and Chicago Bears will boast one of the better looks of Week 16.


Source: Gridiron-Uniforms