5 best backup quarterbacks in Arizona Cardinals history

The Arizona Cardinals have seen more than a few stellar performances from their backup quarterbacks since 1988. Who ranks #1 on this list?
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Kent Graham
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Arizona Cardinals: Greatest backup quarterbacks

5 - Kent Graham

Kent Graham was initially the backup quarterback for the 1996 Arizona Cardinals while Boomer Esiason was supposed to take the reins. That first changed in Week 2, and Graham would go on to see eight starts throughout the 1996 season, finishing 4-4 with 1,624 passing yards, 12 touchdowns, and seven interceptions. 

Graham’s play in 1996 parlayed him into the starting role for 1997, but after a 1-5 start, he proved he was nothing more than a high-end backup slash spot starter. He moved on from the Cardinals following the 1997 season and never again started full time. 

4 - Jay Schroeder

After poor play from Steve Beuerlein, Jay Schroeder stepped in and made the Arizona Cardinals look at least halfway decent under new coach Buddy Ryan. It was the final season of the 33-year-old Schroeder’s career, but he made the most of it, finishing the season 5-3 while he completed 55.9% of his passes for 1,510 yards, four touchdowns, and seven interceptions.