3 bold predictions for the Arizona Cardinals at this point of the season

Now that Kyler Murray is returning and the Arizona Cardinals are getting healthy, why not get bold for the final eight games of the season?
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2 - Michael Wilson becomes the Cardinals rookie MVP

Per the Arizona Cardinals injury report, Michael Wilson was limited in practice this week, but he’s shown more than enough playmaking ability to be in the hunt to be the team’s most valuable rookie. Wilson currently has a 75.8 catch percentage, and a strong-armed quarterback like Murray should give him even more targets once they are both back on the field. 

Murray also won’t be afraid to put the ball up there and allow the deep threat in Wilson to take part in a jump ball scenario, which could inflate the rookie’s numbers. In just seven games, Wilson has 25 catches, 401 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 16.0 yards per reception, and if he doubles that, it shouldn’t surprise anyone. 

But let’s take it a step further and state that with Murray throwing the ball Wilson will, in at least seven games, average five catches and 75 yards per contest, giving him another 35 catches and 535 receiving yards, plus another pair of touchdowns. If that happens, it’s safe to say Wilson’s rookie year was a resounding success, much of it thanks to Murray.