Cardinals 7-Round 2024 NFL Mock Draft: Arizona does the obvious, plus 1 wild trade

Arizona Cardinals, Marvin Harrison Jr.
Arizona Cardinals, Marvin Harrison Jr. / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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The Arizona Cardinals entered into this offseason knowing full and well they'd be starting a new era.

The positive? This team has their franchise quarterback, having committed to Kyler Murray and knowing they've got the most important position in the game figured out.

As free agency continues, we look ahead a bit to the 2024 NFL Draft, where the Cardinals have some firepower. This team has a pair of first-round picks, including the no. 4 overall selection.

To this point, we've seen reports of the Cardinals being open for business and willing to trade that first rounder. But, in our latest mock draft, the Cards stick to the obvious plan.

The Arizona Cardinals kick off this 2024 NFL mock draft by selecting the obvious choice, Marvin Harrison Jr.

It seems too obvious, but before the draft, we're gong to see a lot of smoke and reports as to whether or not Arizona is actually going to draft Harrison here at no. 4.

Spoiler: they will.

. Marvin Harrison Jr.. Marvin Harrison Jr.. 1. 490. . WR. . player. Marvin Harrison Jr.

Currently, the Cardinals don't have a number one wide receiver. In fact, their wide receiver room is pretty stripped down. That changes immediately upon drafting Harrison.

There are some contrarians who might believe Malik Nabers to be the better wide receiver in this class, and not to take anything away from Nabers, but I think that's an absolutely silly take. Harrison has long been not just the best receiver in this class, but arguably the best overall player, regardless of position.

The 6-foot-4 Buckeye has been under criticism for skipping the Combine and his pro day, doing things differently. However, what more does the guy need to prove? Go turn on the tape. It's blatantly obvious that he's ready to dominate the NFL. He doesn't need a pro day or Combine to prove that.

This is a receiver without a weakness. Anything you ask of him, he can do. The speed, athleticism, route running, catch radius, body control ... it's all there. This is the best receiver in the draft we're talking about, and he now gets Kyler Murray. End of story.