3 dream trades for the Arizona Cardinals as the 2023 trade deadline approaches

The Arizona Cardinals will likely “sell” at the trade deadline, so which players could they go without as October 31st looms?
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Budda Baker
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3 - Budda Baker for a first-round pick

Just to be upfront, it’s highly unlikely we see the Cardinals trade Budda Baker. But since trade talk encircled his name six months ago, any decent general manager for a contending team in need of a safety would pick up the phone and at least entertain the idea to Ossenfort. 

Suppose Ossenfort agrees and shocks the Red Sea by sending Baker elsewhere. The only way this trade is worthwhile is if he gets a first-rounder for the five-time Pro Bowler. This would give “Big Red” three picks in the top 32, and if Ossenfort plays his cards right, three immediate contributors to a team that needs them. 

Baker will most likely stick around in the desert, but with the trade deadline approaching and the Arizona Cardinals struggling at 1-6, Ossenfort will field some calls. Let’s just hope that if a trade materializes, the team on the other end of the line gives the Redbirds a third first-round pick. 


Source: NFL Mock Draft Database